A Light in the World

A Royal Predicament

After the house burns down, the group finds a pile of gold. It is the last of the Des Rucca fortune. It isn't much due to the years of Thomas' reputation diminishing. He had paid off a great number of people in order to get a message out for help.

The group takes what gold they can find and moves to the nearest town. On the way, they come across an outpost where they can gather more rations and work with their gear. While there, they hear about a princess from the nearest town begging for help. The town isn't too far far away, so they decide to go.

As they get nearer to their destination, they come across an encampment decked out in royal symbols. Outside the tent, the prince is pacing furiously. There is no use talking to him, he doesn't do anything but grunt. He gestures angrily toward the tent, as if he wanted you to go inside.

Inside the tent, the princess sits at a desk, with her head in her hands, crying. She explains that her mother took her sister into the church to treat her sickness. The church is pivotal to the town, as it is also the school and hospital. This sickness, as she explains, was more than physical, psychological, or magical. After doctors could not help her, the queen thought she had no choice but to take her to the church for a possible exorcism. That was the last she had heard anything from her family.

When asked about the prince, and why he is so furious, she tells everyone that he is upset that they were taken from the castle for protection. She explains that he thinks he perfectly capable of protecting everyone in the castle, but she is reluctant to say from what.

After being pressed for answers, the princess breaks down into hysterics and the prince enters and explains that there have been sightings of demons and devils, along with the townfolk disappearing. The security of the castle were worried that the remaining royalty would be lost, so they removed them from the town and hid them outside the kingdom. 

The princess gathers herself enough to beg for help, and the group agrees. She suggests that the best place to start to look for Queen Cassandra and the youngest princess is the church in the middle of town. It was the last place they were seen.

Last time...

The "Curse" on Des Rucca Manor was lifted and Persephone was set free. The tablet was pieced back together, it read "Strength through blood will I give, but another world will you live," and it opened a door to another dimension, setting her free. Before she vanishes, she looked at the group and said, "About time, well all fun things must come to an end, I suppose. Good luck! Oh, and if you see Thanatos, tell him Persephone says he owes him one. Now, for Victor." 

She teleported out of there and left the group to escape the house as it burned down. After the house burned down, the ball room floor opened up and the Rucca fortune was revealed. Everyone took their share and traveled to the nearest town. 


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