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Eons ago, before the coming of the world, the Celestials reigned. These benevolent beings were a race of pure magic. Among them were two very powerful beings, deeply in love. The love between these beings created the beginning of a world whose beauty was beyond words.

The lovers gave birth to a son who was a being with a body of flesh and blood. The two beings decided to name him Victor, for he was the first, wondrous triumph of their love.

His father had created seven women for his offspring to choose from to wed, but none were of his liking. Granted that the women were very beautiful, and modeled after his mother, Victor became too prideful to believe he needed a wife or companion. He believed that he was perfect enough to rule over the world, and that it was his gift and birthright.

Victor's father became infuriated with his child's pride and feelings of entitlement, and his ancient magic became fueled with a malevolent force of hatred and rage. The father's eyes, which once saw such joy in his son, now saw a hideous visage of disgust. He placed a curse upon Victor that would show all who looked upon him the same image that he now saw. Victor became disfigured and assumed the form of a disgusting, enormous creature with hair covering his body, as dark as charcoal to match the shadow of a soul he once had. His ears became elongated and sensitive to the slightest noise, so he could hear the screams of every creature that he subjected to his rule. Each finger grew, with each bone in his hand becoming longer, while the skin stretched between to become giant wings, to accompany the futile reach of his entitlement. His back became hunched over, so that he may learn never to walk with his head upright and prideful, but low and humiliated. His feet were converted into claws, so that he may never follow his footprints again.

Furthering his punishment, his father believed Victor should now work and hunt for his own food. His father distorted Victor's once beautiful face, and made it so his son's nose would be upright, in the same way that Victor looked at everything, and able to smell his prey. Along with this new scent for hunting, he gave Victor severely sharp teeth, so he may rip and tear at his food, bleeding it dry.

Believing that his punishment was too harsh, Victor's merciful mother showed leniency and let him maintain his original form for thirty days, when the full moon was stained the land with a crimson mist. She wished to see the beauty of her son that brought her so much joy, not the hideous image that her beloved chose for him out of heartless rage.

This mercy drove the lovers apart, for the father felt he was being undermined in the way he chose to discipline the child, and the mother was saddened that he could be so cruel. The two saw that there was no way to dwell together, and in turn, performed one of the greatest indecencies of the Celestials: they took names upon themselves. The lovers were cast out from the supreme beings, but managed to keep their ancient magics.

The female entity formed a body, like unto the flesh, but without blood. She became the hope of the world, the creator of wonderful things. She brought new life into the world: plants, animals, and all sentient life. Each new race was created to celebrate the differences of each other and show that everyone could work together, continuing to help her build wonders. Throughout the world, she became known as Adonai, the Merciful.

The male, still bitter and fueled by his own malevolence, became the opposite of what his former mate had become. He instilled in every race a feeling of fear of one another and a hatred of feeling inferior to each other. He would cause that everyone to go to war, and demolish everything that would be accomplished by someone different than themselves. He became a beacon of destruction and death. Wherever his shadow fell, the dead would rise to do his bidding. He twisted the bodies of fallen heroes to grotesque forms and gave them strength to rule in the parts of the land they once saved. The form he created for himself reflected the cruelty and evil in his heart. He was known to all as Thanatos, Grandmaster of Death.

Over time, Victor became accustom to his new form, reveling in the fear he instilled in his prey. He began to enjoy the taste of blood, and grew an affinity for it. Seeing that he could inflict the greatest despair in people under the cover of darkness, he hunted at night. The screams which once pained his sensitive ears, now felt like symphonies he composed every night. Each time his teeth would rip apart his victim, a feeling of joy would rise to out of the violence, tainting his very soul until it was black as tar.

Once a year, the full moon would cause a dre mist to cover the ground, and victor could return to his original form. But his original form became deformed, pale, and twisted. his body looked as if it were human in form, but his skin was white, like it had been drained of life. His teeth returned to what they used to be, but were sharper than before. He had become the first vampire of the new world.

For his thirty days of his vampire form, he would go and listen to the stories that the people would tell of a monster that would dwell in the shadows and stalked the night. Each story making him chuckle and smile more and more. At times, he would go and change certain parts of the story, giving accurate descriptions of his beast-like form, or denying the existence of any creature at all. He caused confusion in the people about his own existence for his own amusement. He knew that those who wouldn't believe the story would be foolish enough to travel at night and become an easy meal.

Victor became drawn to the ways of his father, Thanatos. He had turned the curse placed upon him to a veritable strength. Victor approached Thanatos, and thanked his father for the gift bestowed upon him. Thanatos rejoiced in what his offspring had become and could do, and granted him new powers. He gave Victor the power to make more like himself, but weaker, so he would be able to control them. Thanatos recognized that Victor could assume his human-like form during the time of the red mist, so he gave his son control of the mist and to transform his body to join it.

After granting his son additional abilities and powers, Thanatos realized Victor was immensly powerful, and saw that this would be a vast advantage over Adonai. Thanatos offered to Victor that if he would swear his loyalty to him, Victor would become the general of his armies. Victor agreed and swore the oath, and, in return, his father gave access to the limitless hordes of the undead.

Victor came to his father to ask for a bride, realizing that his body hungered for carnal desires. Pleased with this decision, Thanatos brought forth the original women he made for Victor. This time, instead of choosing one, Victor became lustful and greedy, and requested all seven of them to wed. His father became exceedingly pleased with this decision, and without another thought, gave them all to him.

The brides agreed to marry him, but not all of them took the arrangement easily. Some of the brides became as evil as their husband, while others kept him in their hearts, but could not stomach the vile creature he had become. It was these brides that left to follow Adonai, while always hoping that someday Victor would change.

On the other side of the world, Adonai's realm began to lessen and darkness overtook the land, forcing her into exile. Soon the Merciful became nothing but a myth that sat in the minds of a few desperate heroes. These heroes would stand against all odds and stop at nothing to take back the land that was once so beautiful. The hope they have at succeeding is slight, but all one needs to succeed is hope, and the will to fight for their belief…

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